Self-Promo Plaza Guidelines

Every community needs a few.
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Self-Promo Plaza Guidelines

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This community is intended to be a truly unrestricted self-promotion platform. Often, places that state that you are able to promote have ridiculous restrictions that all but stop you from being able to advertise yourself well. This place will have none of those restrictions. Here are a few guidelines to help us along:

1. No content can be promoted that is illegal in the United States of America.
2. Be nice to others! If you don't like something that is being promoted, just don't go to/view/use it. Also, be respectful of other users. No harassment of any kind, including sexual harassment, will be tolerated.
3. Try to keep your advertisements in the proper forum. This will be loosely enforced in most cases, but no advertisements at all in General, Advice and Tips, or Memes please. Members who continually promote in those channels will be restricted from posting there.
4. "Sub4sub" is an ineffective strategy to grow a YouTube channel, and it is explicitly against YouTube's Terms of Service. While we will not ban you for asking to trade subs with other users, this community does not in any way endorse or support the practice.
5. Content that is NSFW or Discords that are mainly for NSFW purposes must be advertised in NSFW Promotion.

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